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Main features and classification

main features

Diaphragm Valve is a special form of cutting-off valve, it has the following characteristics compared to other valves.
1. Flexible sealed opening and closing parts, ensuring no internal leakage
2. Streamline flow channel makes small pressure loss;
3. No packing, so there is no external leakage;
4. Valve body and bonnet have been separated by the middle diaphragm, making the diaphragrm top bonnet, stem and other parts from medium erosion;
5. diaphragm can be replaced, maintenance charge is low.
6. The diversity of lining material can be applied to a variety of media, and has a good corrosion resistance
The main advantages of diaphragm valve is its operating institutions and the media channels are separated, not only to ensure the purity of the working media, but also to prevent possibility of the media impacts the operating actuators working parts in the pipeline. In addition, the stem does not require any form separated sealing, except used as a safe facility in the control of harmful medium. In diaphragm valves, because of the working medium not only connect the diaphragm and the body, both of which can use a variety of different materials, so that the valve can control a wide range of working media ideally, is particularly suitable for the media with chemical corrosion or suspended particles.


according to structural type diaphragm valves can be classified as: housing type, DC type, globe type, straight type, flashboard type and right-angle type; connection form is usually the flange connection form; according to driving method can be divided into manual, electric and pneumatic three kinds, where pneumatic drives are divided into normally open-type, and normally closed-type, and reciprocating type.

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