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Herpor Dia Weir Manual Diaphragm Valve

Diameter (DN/NPS): 15 to 300 mm / 1/2 a 18 inches ? Temperature: to ?C / a ?F ? Pressure: 0 to 10 bar / to psi ? Pressure Rating:... [2014-05-21]

GEMU 658 Diaphragm Valve Two Stage Actuator, Metal

Nominal size 3/4... [2014-05-14]

Herpor Diaphragm Valves

Features of the diaphragm valves Type of diaphragm valve: Straight thru and Weir. Size: DN 15 to DN 300, 1/2" to 12". Body Materials: Iron cast GG25, Grey cast GGG40 and GGG50. ... [2014-05-08]

GEMU 615 Industrial Diaphragm Valve, Metal

The GEM? 615 2/2-way diaphragm valve has a low maintenance piston actuator which can be controlled by inert gases. Normally Closed, Normally Open and Double Acting control function... [2014-05-06]

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